Invoice and Accounts Receivable Factoring and Financing


Welcome to mascor capital

Mascor Capital is a financial partner that works with our clients by providing them with working capital financing through our invoice / accounts receivable factoring services and merchant cash advance financing services.  Our custom tailored financing solutions provide companies with the cash they need, when they need it, to grow their business.  In an economic environment where traditional financing is difficult to arrange we provide a solution that enables you to continue to grow your business.  

We are passionate about helping small businesses succeed and can provide financial assistance to companies requiring as little as $5,000 on a monthly basis and over $1,000,000 in a financing facility for more established businesses.  When you partner with us, we get to know you and your business and we work hard to get you the funding you need to operate your company.  

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What is Accounts Receivable / Invoice Factoring? 

Accounts receivable / invoice factoring is the process of selling your slow paying invoices for cash today.  You receive a cash advance for your outstanding invoices now and Mascor Capital buys the right to receive the invoice payment from your clients in the future when they pay your invoice.  Your company must have business-to-business sales to qualify for our invoice factoring services. 

The video below provides an introduction into how invoice factoring works.  To learn more about our factoring services, please also visit our Invoice Factoring Page.  We also have additional resources available on our Articles and Videos Page where we have posted several other videos and articles about invoice factoring that you may find informative.  

Why Factor?

Factoring enables a business to turn slow paying invoices into fast cash, freeing up capital and allowing you to invest back into your business.  Factoring provides a sensible alternative to traditional financing such as bank loans and lines of credit and it provides access to capital without the company taking on any debt. 

Our Scenarios Page provides some example situations where factoring can be helpful for small businesses.  

What are the Benefits of Factoring?

Factoring your invoices / accounts receivable with Mascor Capital has many benefits, including:

  • Improve cash flow
  • Eliminate payment timing uncertainty
  • No cash use restrictions
  • Free up capital without taking on debt 
  • Quick funding
  • Flexible
  • No minimums or long term contracts / commitments

To learn more about some of the benefits of factoring with us, please visit our Invoice Factoring Page. 



What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance is an advance offered to a company that has credit card and debit card sales in exchange for an agreed upon percentage of future credit card and debit card sales.  In a merchant cash advance deal, Mascor Capital collects an agreed percentage of future credit card and debit card sales until the funded amount has been fully repaid by the merchant.  This form of financing is available to retail focused companies who, because of their retail cash based sales, are unable to utilize invoice factoring to finance their business. 

Why use a Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance is flexible and convenient and it enables companies that otherwise are unable to obtain traditional funding to finance their business.  Funding provided through merchant cash advances can be utilized in the manner the business owner considers to be most appropriate for their company with very few restrictions. 

What are the Benefits of using a Merchant Cash Advance?

One of the main benefits of this form of financing is that a merchant is not locked into a traditional monthly repayment plan – instead the financing company takes a fixed percentage of future sales which fluctuate directly with the merchant’s business activity, giving the company greater repayment flexibility and the ability to better manage their cash flow than with traditional bank loans.  Additionally, you can be approved quickly and use the funding in the manner you see fit for your business. 

Please visit our Merchant Cash Advance Page to learn more about our MCA services.